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Vocal Workshop

Vocal Workshop CD & bookletVocal Workshop is a CD and booklet set designed to guide you through a three hour workshop step by step, from warm-up activities to simple rounds, building in to glorious harmony. The booklet gives guidance and teaching tips, and each song is broken down in to parts on separate tracks of the CD.

Vocal Workshop is priced at £12, plus £1.50 postage and packaging.


Below is a playlist of songs from the Sing Up songbank, sung with Makaton signing. (Click on 'Playlist' in the top left corner to view all of the songs available.) The first eight are sung and signed by Cat Kelly, and were selected by Sing Up and The Makaton Charity to represent a variety of useful language for Makaton users, such as asking questions, greetings, instructions, and emotions. The second half of the playlist contains eight nursery rhymes, signed at full grammatical level. For general use with Makaton users I would recommend choosing key words from these songs to sign.

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